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Our Invitation to You 
Whoever you are, we would like to collaborate with you to create a movement and get the word out.  We are calling this The Good Traveler, because we are all travelers.  Helping to inform people on how to "leave no trace" makes sense whether you are a boy scout or a business person.   
It's Earth Day today and here in California people from different political parties are working together to save water so we can sustain our homes here.  We would like to unify people on making travel sustainable too.
This is only going to work if we make it fun, educational and inclusive.  
If you are a business that provides services for travelers, work with us to spread the word about The Good Traveler.  Cause-based marketing builds loyalty and is great for business.
If you are a non-profit that cares about sustainability, we need your help and maybe we can help you too.  With 17 million visitors a year using San Diego International Airport, that's a great opportunity to reach people.
If you are a traveler who cares about the environment, we need you the most.  Register your interest on this site.  Follow-us on Twitter and Facebook.  Buy a carbon offset to balance out your carbon footprint from flying or driving.  Wear a Good Traveler t-shirt and tell your friends about what we are doing together.
As people who work at an Airport, we have to do things properly because we answer to the public, so we issued a Request For Information, which any organization can respond to.  Just visit and complete the "Vendor Registration", then check-out The Good Traveler RFI.  There are pictures of what we have in mind and more details on the opportunity.   If you just want a one pager we have that.  Reach out to us any way you want, share your thoughts and tell your friends so we can all be Good Travelers.
Happy Earth Day,
The Good Traveler
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