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Our new video

The Good Traveler's screen debut!

Pride is not a virtue ...
... but we can't help it, we are proud of our new video, introducing the world to The Good Traveler.  It also gives us a chance to introduce some of the people behind this program we have been working on for so long.  
Carmine Ryan is the co-founder of Ryan Brother's Coffee, the first San Diego International Airport concession to make our tags available.  The video is shot at his store in Terminal 1 at SAN.  
Paul Manasjan is the Director of San Diego International Airport's Environmental Affairs Department.  His day job is making sure that what the airport does is as sustainable as possible (making sure the water that comes off the runway doesn't pollute and building LEED certified terminals).  He came up with the name The Good Traveler and our "leaves no trace" tag line.  It's thanks to him and the support of the SDCRAA leadership that we got the resources to put this program together.  Well actually there's quite a few other folks who have helped too ... but you get the picture ... if it weren't for him.
Enjoy it ...
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