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Our Survey Says

New Primary Research by The Good Traveler Reveals Surprising Insights into Attitudes Towards Climate Change and Flying Green

Why We Asked 
We wanted to understand the challenges and the opportunities that faced us before launching The Good Traveler.  
We knew that attitudes towards climate change differed significantly across the USA.  From talking to the companies that sell carbon offsets, we also understood that the number of people that regularly offset their flights was probably less than 1% in the US.  On the other hand we also had heard that there were enough pockets of success to convince us that people would fly green if it was convenient, affordable and meaningful.
Our Approach
We decided to invest in an online survey of people who have traveled by air at least once in the last year, whose home airport was in California.  Initially we polled 500 people.  When we saw the results we were surprised at how much consensus there was on climate change being driven by human actions and people's willingness to spend money to offset the impact of their flight; so we decided to double the survey side to 1,000.  The numbers didn't change much but it gave us the confidence to share the results.
The Results
We think the results are significant.  
Almost three quarters of people believe human caused climate change is real.  
Even more people (78%) are willing to take action to fly in a sustainable way, spending up to $9 to offset the impact of their flight.  
If you would like to review more of the questions we asked and see analysis of the answers, checkout this presentation.
If you want to crunch the raw data, feel free.  Let us know if you learn anything new.
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