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The Good Traveler Interview

Plus the latest gossip from The Good Traveler

It's been a busy few weeks for The Good Traveler.  We have had quite a few new partners selling their own versions of our $1 offset tags and exciting conversations with even more folks about joining us.  You can see the latest on our site.
One of the most exciting things was the opportunity for us to get the word out about our program on San Diego's most listened to radio show, KPBS' Morning Edition.  It's a four and half minute piece and we were pleased that the possibilities of how big this could end up being came over well.  You can listen for yourself here
In addition to working with new partners, we are planning the next version of our online experience, making it quicker and easier than it has ever been to buy carbon offset on-line.  Also, we are preparing to raise the visibility of The Good Traveler working with Five Star Tours to wrap the back end of some of their busses and getting The Good Traveler information on the unused gate displays at the San Diego International Airport.
Thanks for your support and interest.  It's been very exciting to hear your feedback.  Do check-us out on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.  You can help a lot by sharing what we are doing with your friends and colleagues there.
Happy travels,
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