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The Next Journey for The Good Traveler

Happy Earth Week

It's Been A While - We Should Catch-up!

We have missed you. There's lots to update you on.

The Good Traveler is embarking on the next phase of its journey to help make travel more sustainable. Let's call it Phase B / The Development Phase. Phase A was the pilot. We experimented with selling tags at San Diego Airport via the concessions and via partners around San Diego. Our conclusion was that the user experience of buying an offset with your coffee or newspaper is a really good one. People like to engage with other people when they do good. The smile from a barista at Ryan Brothers Coffee when you pay an extra dollar to offset a 500 mile trip to SFO, feels good. It's better than the feeling of buying online. We need to do more evangelism so lots of people figure out this is "a thing" they can do, but it works well and will clearly get more adoption as The Good Traveler program spreads (more on that later).

Offering offsets through partners in San Diego has worked well. For some partners it's been a gesture of support, which is important, we appreciate it, but without a lot of uptake. Others like our friends at Paradise Point Resort have found huge uptake. They are selling 500 room stays a month, with guests opting to pay an extra dollar to make their stay sustainable.

In Phase B, we intend to partner with more local travel destinations, continuing to experiment with ways to make buying offsets easy, affordable and meaningful. San Diego has so many tourist attractions where this makes sense. Since San Diego has committed to its own Climate Action Plan, we see businesses and universities doing the same. We can help them to source high quality and affordable offsets, benefiting from economies of scale, that come with a membership approach to our program.  As well has engaging with individual travelers, we want local businesses and institutions to join us in education, business and destination "caucuses".

Expanding with Members

Central to this membership approach to spreading the reach of The Good Traveler is partnering with more airports and having them join as members of the "air industry caucus". We have had lots of interest in this. It's clear that Airports can help each other and achieve a lot more if we work together.  At the recent Airports Council International (ACI) meeting in Austin, we were delighted with the offers to work together from other major US airports.

Offsetting Conferences

One simple step forward at ACI was that The Good Traveler offset the carbon footprint of the hundreds of delegates from around the country. This happened thanks to C&S who picked up the tab.  Overall the cost was less than $2 per delegate. We produced a special tag (#11) to commemorate the occasion.  Think of how many conferences there are around the country every year and all the green house gasses we produce when we travel to meet up.  We proved a simple affordable model of doing the right thing to offset that impact of conferences on our future climate.

Another Parent

We are working on a number of other things for Phase B.  The most significant is finding an "additional parent" who can help to administer this program.  We want to find a non-profit with experience who can help grow The Good Traveler (TGT) to its full potential.  We want to build a global network of caucuses, working together to educate and enable travelers (people and organizations) to offset in a way that is easy, affordable and meaningful.  This doesn't mean San Diego Airport is saying goodbye to The Good Traveler - far from it.  The airport will continue to make sure its offspring continues to behave and demonstrate the good values it was brought up with.  The airport wants to continue to help support and lead the program in partnership with an organization that can enable TGT offsets to be tax deductible donations.

If you are part of a non-profit and are interested in helping to develop and grow TGT in partnership with airports around the world, contact us.

Streamlining On-Line Offsetting

At a more tactical level, we are working with our partners Nature Bank and TerraPass to revamp our online purchase experience that can be accessed from this site as well as via the SAN Wi-Fi login portal. Our goal is to make the process as simple as we can. Most online offset purchases experiences are built by experts for experts. We want something that is quick and easy for travelers to use. Stay tuned for that update to our site.

Spread the word with The Good Traveler T-Shirts

At the beginning of this year, we had the pleasure of sharing some major prizes with the winners of The Good Traveler T-Shirt design competition. Now there are some amazing designs that you can choose from in our on-line store.  The winners are all local San Diego artists.  A dollar from each purchase offsets 500 miles of air travel.

That's our update. If you can help get the word out and if you want to get involved, let us know. In the mean time, Happy Earth Week and remember ...

The Good Traveler leaves no trace.

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