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Who is The Good Traveler and what's she doing here? 
You found us early in our development.  The Good Traveler is an idea that is being sponsored by a leading US airport, to make it easier for travelers to fly green.  
We are currently brainstorming, experimenting, planning and developing the program.  This site is here to illustrate "what could be", not "what is".  That said it's never too early to join the party.  Do tell us what you think we can do to better inform travelers about climate change and what they can do to balance out the impact of their journey.
Our current plan is to help people figure out how to travel sustainably and to test selling carbon offsets at airports, at the restaurants and shops, as well as online and via the mobile apps people use when they fly.  
We are looking for ideas, support and volunteers, be they people or organizations that want to help.
We are looking for people to spread the word via social media, be they ordinary people like us or famous people like Richard Branson, Ellen or Leonardo DiCaprio.  If you know any of those guys, please let them know we would like to chat.
Yours sustainably,
The Good Traveler
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