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    Can your next flight help save the Earth?

    "If minimizing your environmental impact is on the agenda for 2017, several West Coast airports are eager to help you get started.

    Your cost? A minimum of $2. And there’s no need to feel guilty about getting on a plane ..."


    The Good Traveler tags are a way of offsetting your carbon footprint when you travel. Our retail partners don't take a profit. 100% of the funds go towards offsetting the carbon footprint created by your trip. The tags make a great souvenir of the places you visit.


    The carbon footprint of the stickers themselves is small. The potential to spread the word with the original viral social media is big. You can offset online for an even more efficient way to balance out your carbon footprint.


    We want to collaborate with businesses and venus that want to co-branded The Good Traveler tags as a way of engaging their customers. Contact us if you want to help.


    Our goal is to build a movement to educate and enable travelers to offset the environmental impact of their journey.  We want this to be affordable, easy and meaningful.


    We provide education and tools so people can track the environmental impact of their trips and purchase carbon offsets to balance that out. 


    Thanks to you and our partners The Good Traveler has offset the impact of 11,522,720 miles of air travel, and we've only just begun.


    With more travelers, more partners, and more airports, we can make an even bigger impact.


    A carbon offset is purchased with payment proportionate to the greenhouse gas (CO2e) produced by your journey. The money goes to a project that will balance out the environmental impact by reducing the generation of green house gases elsewhere. This can be done by: building solar arrays, wind farms, capturing the methane from cows passing gas ... seriously, flatulent cows are a big issue ... and many other ways.


    One person's flight from San Diego to New York produces approximately 833 pounds of CO2e.

    A third of an acre of forest can absorb that amount of carbon from the atmosphere.

    If you fund the preservation of that portion of a forest, you will have offset the impact of that trip.


    Purchase of carbon offsets goes to projects audited according formal standards to verify they are:

    Additional - The reduction wouldn't have occurred without your funds

    Permanent - The Greenhouse gasses won't be released again

    Do not create greenhouse gases elsewhere (Leakage)


    Verified Carbon Standard is one of the most popular standards used to do this.

    Audited projects are recorded in registries. You can review all the VCS offset projects here.


    Checkout this comprehensive guide that explains what a carbon offset is and what you should consider when purchasing one.


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