• Special Projects

    These projects have been sourced for particular events such as conferences:

    Offsetting Travel to the 2016 ACI-NA/World Annual Conference/World Annual General Assembly September 25-28, 2016, Montréal, QC

    Saint-Hyacinthe, QC – Animal Food Waste Valorization Project

    Type: Waste Diversion Standard: ISO-14064-2


    PROREC specializes in food recovery and the manufacture of animal feed byproducts. Founded in 1996 by two brothers looking for ways to reduce their hog farms’ production costs without compromising their environmental values.


    Their project achieves GHG emission reductions by transforming food residues to animal food. This waste diversion project avoids a large quantity of organic residues being buried in a landfill and consequently avoids methane releases in the atmosphere.


    The region of Saint-Hyacinthe is a hub for food industry in Quebec and huge amounts of food waste are produced daily. These used to be landfilled with no further concerns resulting in major methane emissions. The activities therefore allow reducing the overall GHG impact of the food industry in the region.


    ACI Sponsors: C&S and Haley & Aldrich, with a matching contribution from TerraPass, have purchased 400 metric Tons of carbon offsets to cover the emissions from the flights of 444 of the ACI conference's participants.


    Inspect the carbon registry which includes details of the retirement of the offsets (via TerraPass AKA Just Energy) and the third party auditor's verification report.


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