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    When you purchase a carbon offset from The Good Traveler 100% of those funds go to our offset providers.


    Choose between supporting two sets of projects:

    TerraPass's USA Projects: Arcata Community Forest, Big Smile Wind Farm & Colorado Delta Water Restoration


    NatureBank's 'International' Projects: Reduced Emissions from Deforestation and Degradation in the Congo & Zambia

    Arcata Community Forest in Northern CA

    Project: Registry Documentation


    Offsets from this project come from a tract of land that was purchased and added to the City of Arcata’s community forest in 2003. The land was purchased from a timber company and was determined to be at high risk of intensive harvesting or cutting. The forest is now certified to Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) management standards and absorbs and stores approximately 2,500 more metric tons of C02 a year than neighboring forests, or the equivalent of taking 550 cars off the road each year. The sale of carbon offsets is a critical component of the funding for the management of the forest, which is completely self-funded with no reliance on tax-payer dollars.   Watch a stunning high definition video of the forest.


    Big Smile Wind Farm at Dempsey Ridge

    Verified carbon offsets through the Verified Carbon Standard

    Project: Registry Documentation


    Big Smile Wind Farm at Dempsey Ridge is ACCIONA’s third renewable-energy project in the state of Oklahoma. Well known for its vast oil and natural gas reserves, Oklahoma will come to be recognized for its wind resources as well, currently ranking in the top 10 U.S. states for wind-energy potential. The Big Smile Wind Farm delivers enough clean energy to power more than 46,000 U.S. homes. In addition to creating 13 new full-time local jobs, the Big Smile Wind Farm also employed more than 130 people during the construction phase. The wind farm increased revenue for Roger Mills and Beckham counties through investments in local infrastructure, lease agreements with local landowners and property tax revenues from the project over its lifetime.  Watch the moving dedication ceremony, memory of one of the project leaders


    Water Restoration Certificates® by BEF

    10% from every The Good Traveler Offset tag goes to projects like the Colorado Delta Water Restoration

    Project: Registry Documentation


    Did you know 0.3 gallons of water are lost with every passenger flight mile?  In 2012, a water sharing agreement was reached between the U.S and Mexico that paved the way for restoring flows to the lower Colorado River and its delta.  Restoring base flows to the delta is a critical first step, and as we succeed in enlisting support from additional businesses and corporations, we expect to make additional investments in restoring Colorado River flows through the delta. Through this agreement, there is an historic opportunity to restore water to the desiccated lower Colorado River Delta with the promise that restored flows may someday support thousands of acres of wetland and river habitat.  Colorado Delta Base Flow Restoration Project Description


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